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Historic buildings interior projects.

Why preserve heritage? What will this memory bring to our descendants? In what capacity should our descendants see the heritage? Are these excursions or will we provide, reconstruct and bring new life? Maybe it will be a university, an elite school in a castle, a boarding house for the elderly, a closed clinic, a spa center, a boutique hotel, or something else?

In the worldview of a modern person, there is a concept that the restoration and reconstruction of historical or old, ancient buildings is a spiritual “contribution”, a debt that can atone for some mistakes in their lives in order to be good, or charity, as a trend of the new time.

In my opinion, restore historic buildings you need to bring new life into them. It is not necessary to restore a building just to admire it and attract tourists or a sense of duty. Not all historical buildings carried the correct functional purpose and energy. Perhaps this is why we can observe why some ancient buildings are not touched by time at all, while others are destroyed beyond the possibility of restoration.

Every building has a soul, it is alive. And only a person can offend the soul of a building and destroy its life. But also only a person can give an external life to a historical building and purify its soul from the inside, bringing benefit and reason into its new life.

If we undertake to restore historic building design, we must study its history and draw the appropriate conclusion: why does this building not live? And only after a correct analysis and determination of the correct purpose of this building, we can give it a new life.

We must understand that if this castle was built for a specific purpose, but did not serve it, it was destroyed. Then it is necessary to come up with a new purpose for this castle and only then reconstruct this building, introducing into it a modern purpose and a function that is necessarily useful for the new time - a new life.

Eclecticism in restoration and reconstruction interiors of historical buildings - a beautiful trend in the modern world.

  • What about buildings that are far from the civilized world?
  • What new purpose can these historical buildings acquire?
  • You need to study history carefully. What was this building? Why and how was it destroyed?
  • Do we have the right to interfere in history and restore the building destroyed by God and time?
  • Maybe for our descendants this will be an example of what happens if a person uses a historical “living” building for other purposes?
The world can see how ancient buildings are preserved and live despite even spontaneous natural actions, as they cannot be destroyed by people with wars and irresponsibility. And also we observe how the palaces and castles of the century before last no longer have life. I always ask myself this question. Why?

Based on my long reflections, I came to this conclusion. And I decided that I would make every effort to convey my vision to heritage restoration and reconstructionIn historic building projects. I want to bring new purpose and new life to historic buildings, drawing on historical style in the interior, on the past, on our heritage around the world. I can contribute what I personally have - my knowledge and education, my skills and professional experience in architecture, historical interior styles, historic interior design, as well as his great desire and faith.

And at the moment I offer the development and implementation of projects of historical buildings
  • interior design of historical apartments,
  • castle interior design,
  • design of historical interiors of the palace,
  • estate interior design,
  • design project of a historical family estate with a park ensemble,
  • vintage brewery design,
  • historic tower design,
  • interior design of a manor house with a park,
  • historic chateau hotel design
  • historic boutique hotel interior design
  • and interior design of a historical building with design development in historical interior styles.
Full range of consultations, development design of historical real estate projects, development of projects of historical buildings, work with historical real estate. Restoration of historical buildings is one of the directions of our work.

Organization and development of all services for research, design, preparation and implementation of restoration work in historical buildings. You can find more details on the site in the section.

The goal is to preserve the unique historical buildings that shape the face of our World.

Thanks to me and the sources for the information
Sincerely yours, Tatyana Antonchenko
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