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Baroque style in the interior.

An article from the Book "Interior Styles with Tatyana Antonchenko" is a large encyclopedia of interior and architectural styles.

Style 17 - early 18th century.

The Baroque style is "a shell of a pretentious form". The very word "barocco" in translation from Italian means "artsy". This word briefly and capaciously characterizes everything related to this style.

The main features are grandeur, splendor of forms, spatial scope, massiveness, variability, dynamism, an endless rhythm of curved lines and all kinds of lighting effects. Baroque combined two concepts - style and lifestyle. Associated with the museum style.

The Baroque style is one of the most opulent and solemn styles in both architecture and interior design. Its purpose is to openly demonstrate the prestige and well-being of the owner.

The time when the baroque style in the interior reached its highest peak falls on the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries, the most striking example, in my opinion, is the Palace of Versailles, owned by Louis XIV - the Sun King.

He came up with this nickname himself. According to legend it is said that once walking in the Tuileries Garden at the age of five. The young king looked into the puddle, which reflected the sun, and shouted “I am the sun! I am the sun! Since then, everyone has called him that. Louis liked this nickname so much that the sun became his emblem.

The history of the Palace of Versailles begins in the 17th century in 1661. "The Sun King" has long dreamed of something that could amaze everyone, outshine everyone with its beauty and grandeur. As a consequence, he decides to take on the project of his life, which lasts for 50 years.

The device of the palace year after year began to acquire a heliocentric system. Since the monarch himself considered himself the "Sun".

And no matter how much money was spent on the creation of this masterpiece of architecture. It is important what beauty went to the descendants!

It should be noted that even today there are adherents of the luxurious Baroque style - people, no doubt, extraordinary, avoiding the routine of everyday life and striving to bring their housing closer to examples of palace art.

The color scheme of the Baroque style: bright colors, a rich play of light and shadow. Popular baroque colors: white combined with gold.

Floral ornament, curved lines.

The main materials used in Baroque interior design are ivory, tortoiseshell, porcelain, mother-of-pearl, mirrors, stone mosaics, marble, bronze.

The tradition of the barocco style is to upholster armchairs, seats, sofas and other upholstered furniture with expensive fabric and fringe. The walls and ceiling are decorated with rich stucco, carved wood, and beautiful tapestries.

Ceiling paintings, rich carvings and inlays, beautiful fireplaces, bronze and gilded furniture linings, canopies, shop windows, grandfather clocks decorated with bronze.

The furniture is rough, convex-concave, varnished. Dynamically shaped chairs, armchairs, sofas, deck chairs, round and rectangular tables with massive tops made of colored marble or mosaic, legs in the form of female figures or with the heads of lions and rams.

Tent bed, secretaires, showcases, double wardrobes, mirrors, sculptural groups, vases, cartouches, etc.

Among the new pieces of furniture that the Baroque style brought with it were a dressing table for ladies, a chest of drawers with several drawers, as well as pedestals and showcases for sculptures.

If you are a happy owner of a spacious bathroom, you can decorate its interior in an extraordinary way, choosing for this purpose, for example, an exclusive baroque style. The solution these days is somewhat extravagant, but at the same time successful, if we are talking about a large area. Baroque-styled furniture and accessories will decorate the interior of your bathroom, bringing aristocracy and elegance into its atmosphere.

What is needed to give the bathroom interior classic baroque features? First of all, elegant faience: a bathtub, a toilet bowl, and a sink mounted on a stylized table. You can also install a baroque cabinet here, a table with an armchair and hang elegant curtains with a classic pattern.

The bath can be placed on a special podium right in the middle of the whole room. The bath itself can be made of cast iron, with massive gilded legs, preferably with artistic forging.

Faucets and showers must be selected in an unusual shape, for example, resembling a figurine or sculpture.

Of the materials, mosaic tiles on the walls and on the floor, as well as tiles under natural stone, will be appropriate. These materials will give the interior richness and luxury, corresponding to the Baroque style.

And, of course, mirrors in all rooms! Mirrors in the Baroque style play not only a household role, but also the role of a separate decor element or accessory. There may be several. It is important that the shape is round, and the frame is gilded and decorated with paintings or carvings.

A lot of pompous decor: pedestals for sculptures, grandfather clocks, sculptural groups, vases, caskets, cartouches, etc.

For connoisseurs of luxury, sophistication and those who want to immerse themselves in the palace atmosphere, baroque in the interior is the best solution, because despite its outward pomposity, this style is perceived perfectly!

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