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House design

Design of the house (cottage)

Antonchanka Interior Development - a team of highly professional designers, architects, engineers and contractors will be able to create coziness and comfort in your own home, where you return every day, where your loved ones and pets are waiting for you. Not everyone can design their own home. That's why there are interior designers who help us make our dreams come true.

The most successful real estate acquisition is a private house. You can live there permanently, or you can come for weekends with friends or family vacations. Far from the hustle and bustle of the big city, in peace and quiet, not only the body, but also the mind rest. Proper rest helps clear your head and put your thoughts in order.

The modern classic design of a house, cottage, villa allows you to create an interior for every taste. Design is a luxury of stylish and fashion trends, among which there are both unusual and very bold ones.

A country house means a large number of square meters. Therefore, you will have much more opportunities to realize your ideas in home interior design. Accordingly, additional efforts will be required, given that in addition to a harmoniously designed interior space, your main task is to combine the interior of the house with its exterior and landscape.

House projects

Everyone dreams of their own home, and especially a beautiful home. The house should be neat on the outside and gorgeous on the inside. Projects of houses inside the house can be of different styles and directions, but it must be very beautiful. There are several rules for creating house designs. To create a unique and beautiful home design, you need to harmoniously select all the elements of the future interior. Starting with the color of the walls and ending with the style and color of the furniture and decor elements that add a certain chic to the interior design. Such an element can be a stone fireplace in the living room. A huge carpet with an unusual pattern, brought from exotic countries.

As many experts advise, in order to create a beautiful home interior, you must follow certain home design rules.

Our company Antonchanka Interior Development will create and realize all your desires for your own home.

An individual concept from which we create projects that embody the functionality and aesthetics of perfection.
Well-organized lighting that helps to effectively focus on certain elements.
Professional selection of colors, textures and finishing materials; which helps to emphasize the aristocracy and luxury of inner beauty.

We are experts in creating exclusive styles of houses, cottages and villas. Our projects are a combination of elegance, nobility and unique atmosphere. We are actively working on creating the interior design of a house, cottage, villa. Professionalism, originality and creativity are fundamental keys for any project designed by Antonchanka Interior Development led by the best home interior designer Antonchanka Tatiana.

We are expert consultants in providing professional services for home interior design, turnkey solutions and partial or complete renovation of your premises of a house, cottage, villa, estate, estate. We keep up with the latest trends in technology and creativity.

An individual approach to each client is at the heart of our work.

Customer satisfaction is our slogan in every project, from interior design development to its successful implementation.

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